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Welcome! If you’ve visited before, you notice some big changes here at Nee & Chris. Well, since the wedding is now 3 months past, and our (well, MY) life no longer revolves around wedding gowns, veils and shoes (oh my!), I figured it was time to give this place an overhaul.

Newlywed life is amazing, and this will be where we (well, again, I) share tidbits from ours, as well as updates for family and photos (via our Flickr photostream).

So feel free to kick off your shoes and stay awhile…

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A slideshow of our “Trash the Dress” shoot

Again, many thanks to Tara at BTS, as she put together an AMAZING slideshow of shots from our TTD shoot last weekend….

It’s set to “This Year’s Love” by David Gray (the song I walked down the aisle to).


A slideshow of our “Trash the Dress” photoshoot

On Sunday, December 14th, we did a little post-wedding/”Trash the dress” shoot with Tara and Jess from Breaking Tradition Studios.

We went with BTS because we wanted something a little out of the norm, something dramatic and unusual, and Tara delivered just that.

These are just a preview, but we’ll have more in about a week.

Our “Trash the Dress” photoshoot

Posted by: neebelung | November 3, 2008

Honeymoon pics are up!

It’s taken me weeks to go through them all and organize them, but the photos from our Vegas honeymoon are finally up on the Flickr page!!  You can view them here:

Honeymoon pics!

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We’re back from Vegas!!! YAY!!!! (Ok, not yay, as we’d much rather still be on our honeymoon than going back to work tomorrow).

I’ve added more pictures to the Flickr page, from both weddings, and throughout the week, I’ll be adding more to both the wedding sets, as well as pictures from our Las Vegas honeymoon, so stay tuned for more pictures.

I’ve also added a bit more info to the “My Wedding Gown” page, since (obviously) by now, Chris has seen it.

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We would like to announce….

… That at 9:00 this morning, Chris and I were married in a small, private ceremony in Las Vegas.



YAY!  Were married!

YAY! We're married!

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Leeeeeavin’, on a jet plane……

Woo hooooo!!  We’re Vegas-bound!!  Back in a week (with plenty of stories, pictures and some wonderful news!)

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The first batch of pictures are in!

YAY!! Many thanks to our wonderful photographers, Jeremy Kelsey and Amanda Holt. I have posted a preview of Jeremy’s photos here:

Pictures from our Jacksonville Wedding

Posted by: neebelung | September 22, 2008

We’re officially Mr. & Mrs.!

Just wanted to take a moment to announce (for what will be the first of two times this week) that….

We’re married!

We were married at 6:00 p.m. last night, at Memorial Park in Jacksonville (Riverside area), FL. Our intimate wedding in the park went off without a hitch last night. Surrounded by family and friends, we had a beautiful, small and unfussy wedding. It was just perfect.

And in another 5 days, we get to do it all over again in Vegas (YAY!). As a friend told me this morning, we’ll always get to say “I love you so much, I married you twice!”

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So a little change in the master plan….

Ok, not a CHANGE so much as an addition:

There will now be TWO weddings! *YAY!*

In short, due to Chris’ parents not being able to come to Las Vegas for the wedding, we’ve decided to hold a very small ceremony here in Jacksonville this Sunday, September 21st at 6:00 p.m. In just the few days that we’ve been planning this, our friends have been simply AMAZING and the result will be a perfect, intimate, casual exchange of vows on the river.

Not to worry, however — Vegas is still a GO!

Posted by: neebelung | September 1, 2008

Another big item checked “done” on the to-do list…

Yesterday we bought our wedding bands!


I don’t know what to say except – WOW!  I love them both… they’re just amazing, and I can’t believe I have to wait 4 weeks to wear it!

Posted by: neebelung | August 30, 2008

The countdown has begun…

Four weeks and counting!!  We’re in the home stretch now!

Just a couple of updates today – most importantly, we’ve added a “Photos” page, where you can view our Flickr photostream.  We’ll be adding albums, pics and probably even video as we go along, from the wedding day, parties, the honeymoon and more.  So check back frequently to see what’s new.

Posted by: neebelung | August 15, 2008

The wedding is booked!

Alright, it’s been a bit since we’ve had an update, but I just wanted to announce that the wedding location has finally been decided upon and BOOKED!!  We are going with the Shark Reef (YAY!) at Mandalay Bay.  Please see “The Wedding” page for specifics.

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Travel plans are booked!!!!

YAY!!!!  Our plans are finally set in stone, so-to-speak.  Our wedding-moon package (minus the wedding part) is booked – 4 months and counting!!  YAYYYY!!!

Please check out the newly updated “Travel Info” page for more information on where we’re staying, as well as a list of hotels in the area.


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A bit more about Shark Weddings at the Mandalay Bay….

So the more I think about this idea, the more intrigued I am by it.  I just think this is a beautiful idea, especially as much as we both love the water, and sealife.  Plus it’s different, it’s whimsical, and it’s fun.

One of the lovely ladies on my wedding forum (Hi Jacob’s Girl!) got married there earlier this year, and was kind enough to share some of her photos.

This is the ‘aisle’…

A little touch/tide pool

At the end of a long walkway, there’s a cove and fountain

And then I just have to share this one because she looks so beautiful.  🙂

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